New EP: Ghost Heroes Out Now

It’s here! Our latest EP is now available for download!

Ghost Heroes

1.  There Is No Dana… Only Zuul!
2. Bob Saget’s Funhouse
3. Not If You’re The Last Girl On Earth…
4. Blood-Red State Of A Nation


Released 10 October 2014

Reuben- Vocals, Guitars
Kris-Vocals, Drums
Daze- Lead Guitar
Rob- Bass

Additional vocals on There Is No Dana… Only Zuul! & Blood-Red State of a Nation by Stranger
Additional bass composition on Bob Saget’s Funhouse by Nick Raven

Recorded live 9-8-14 @ Manic Studios, Avondale by Paul Lawrence @ Revaulting Records
Mixed by Revaulting Records
Mastered by Kog Studio
Album artwork by Chris Ward
© 2014


Our debut album Veritas is finally here! Thanks for Robbie James for engineering these tracks.

Track listing as follows:

1. Veritas Ad Initium
2. Revelations in Red
3. Truth Injustice
4. Silhouettes
5. Give Up
6. The Durville Mind
7. Vultures
8. Swings and Gallows
9. Veritas Ad Finum
10. Set Adrift (Bonus track)

It’s available to download for free or with donation. Listen and download on BandCamp here

The band would like to thank all our supporters.


Goodbye From Holly

I joined The Altered States back when it was a very different band in 2010. My boyfriend and I just split and he left the band but I didn’t. Reuben, Kris, Nick and Mandy took me under their wings and became my new family.

The Altered States sit on some grass

The Altered States sit on some grass

Mandy and I had a lot of fun keeping the boys in line and recording our first EP. We were perfectionists and did like 40 vocal takes for each song. As you do.

In 2012 I brought Dave along and the shenanigans just kept coming! Our music kept changing as we went, which was exciting because we got to play so many different styles over that time.

We’ve been through A LOT in the past three years and it has all been absolutely wonderful.

My highlights include:

- My first TAS gig at Juice Bar in June 2010

- Playing Ambassador Bar all crammed together

- Living with the drummer Kris and discussing band ALL THE TIME

- Dave’s first practice. Before he joined I said “so he’s really happy and has a mohawk” The guys were already sold.

- Getting through to the AuSM Battle of the Bands final

- Mixing our first EP – which kind of happened by accident!

- Mixing our 2nd EP

- Recording vocals in Mandy’s garage – Kris screaming and frightening Greg’s parents

- Photo shoots in forests, children’s playgrounds and under motorways

- Teaching everyone how to play Painted Sky and saying yes to the chugs

- Jamming at the Manor with Anthony

- Jamming at The Bassment with Robbie

- Learning everything I could possibly need to know about porn and dodgy sex moves

- Inconsiderate Love Child

- My Baby and Prison Life

- The Richard Album

- Playing at The Masonic – it became our regular

- Band Chat

- The Napier Tour and One Nut

I’m really excited for my four band brothers to move in their new, heavier direction and make some really mean music.


As for me, I’m going to head in the other direction and make some lighter stuff with a new band. Maybe one day we’ll gig together again at a random show that has both metal and indie/electronica. Stranger things have happened.

I do miss them lots already but it’s going to be ok. They may no longer be my band, but they will always be my crazy brothers.

Peace out Kris, Reubs, Daze & Nick!

Love always

Hol xx


Album is almost here!

Album is almost here!

Thanks for being patient guys, we’re going to release our debut album very soon!

Summer is almost here!

The album is coming along very nicely! Robbie is hard at work mixing and we’re boncing (yes boncing not bouncing) round writing new songs and hugging Daze.

You can hug Daze too at our last gig of the year:

Saturday 17 November
The Thirsty Dog
with High Horses, El Bajo and Herbaceous Pepperonicle
8pm, $5

See you there and thanks for your support!
Much love
Holly & TAS

Vocal Recording for the Album

Vocal recordings are mostly done! We spent the weekend at the Bassment, churning through them. You’ll get to hear some mean gang vocals from special guests on the album too.

We expect the album to be ready by approx November and you can buy pre-sales via our Indiegogo campaign. Order a pre-sale here and you’ll also help fund the recording and post-production of the album! You can even get your name on the door for our album release gig and a named thank you in the album credits. It’s just $5 for the album (released before official release) and $10 for pre-sale plus gig ticket. Your support means everything.

Meanwhile, we’re almost done with recording and Robbie has the massive task ahead of him to mix the lot. Good luck Robbie! :)

(I’m just glad it’s not me this time)

Here’s Kris and Reuben getting their duet on in the vocal booth

Til next time
Holly (Bermuda – don’t ask) Roberts & TAS

It’s Dave!

Dave Ward from The Altered States


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